I am not a user of MySpace, but I hear it’s a popular thing to be a part of. Some of you may have heard of Senator Barack Obama, via Oprah, or other news channels, and how they are speculating him running for pres in 2008. Lots of press about all that. People seem to gravitate toward him. Looking at the graphic below from the NY Times yesterday, Barack’s not the only one that’s got a gravitational pull.

Mighty interesting, huh? If you’d like to know more about Kinky, click here. Even though election day is coming up in 11 days, you can vote early here in Texas today if you want – or even this weekend. If you don’t live in Texas, here’s some info to help you do your civic duty. Voting makes it easier to complain/gush over about your favorite politicians once you’ve put your official 2 cents in. =) I’m voting tomorrow at the Dallas city Hall if it all works out, where Kinky himself will be there, and I can shake the hand of our next Governor of Texas.