This last Saturday I ran 18 miles. That’s 2 loops around White Rock Lake for those who live in the DFW area. For some reason, it took a bigger toll on me than last week, even though it was only 2 more miles. Lately my upper legs in the front connecting area by my pelvis were giving me trouble, but not this time. My knees have been darn sore since, feeling better each day after sleeping, and I expect them to be good to go when I run tomorrow. Even on Sunday, it was a little painful to bend them, putting my shoes on, etc. Maybe more stretching is in order, and more running during the week – I’ve been guilty of missing some of my runs during the week for the past month and a half, it is the possible culprit.

Anyways, I’m starting to run some hills in the Lakewood area to get more ready for the Austin Marathon course next month. If you’d like to see what the course looks like, check this out. It’s about 300 feet uphill for the first 17.5 miles.

If you think that’s nuts, some people even run 7,815 feet uphill in a race up Pike’s Peak in Colorado.