I made it through 20 miles over at White Rock Lake this morning in 3:37:35, which is a little under 11 min/mile. Not shabby, I think. Add 6 miles to that, and it’s looking like I’ll still be able to make it under 5 hours if all goes well. Still worried about those pesky Austin hills, but I’m doing at least a hill sprint workout a week to prepare best I can. 20 MILES! If my knees will hold out a little longer, then all should be good. I am bit worried about them – all my body parts seem to be ok right now except for the knees – just still hard to walk, but I’m thinking some quality rest tonight will help.

3 weeks to go till the Austin Marathon – I’d love to see you all at the finish line or anywhere along the course. There’s a max of 6000 full marathoners, and after 10 miles, there will only be us crazies on the course until the end. (The 6000 half-marathoners break off the course at that point). Here’s more info on the marathon: http://www.austinmarathon.com

And, I can’t remember if I said it wrong, but the $2000 home insulation raffle ENDS Sunday, February 4th!!! Get your raffle tix now! Get your raffle tix now! Get your raffle tix now! I’m going to be posting a video on the website the next day on Feb. 5th that will have the drawing of the lucky winner!