I’m guessing you have picked up that the site’s a bit different by now.  Short story – blog software went crazy, decided to put it online, had some sliiiight difficulties in moving everything, changed the site name, lost all the pictures, and PRESTO!  Here ya go.  I’m not totally decided on the color scheme, but thank WordPress.com for being my Prince Charming.  Now I don’t have to have my trusty Macbook Pro if I feel the urge to drop a line, so some freedom is gained.  Sad part is, I thought everything was just super, when somehow my pictures didn’t follow the stuff I copied, and of course,  had deleted everything off the web and hard drive, so all of the old images are gone.  We can think of this as a fresh start.  Hey, you can even make comments now, so it’s not all bad news bears.

Now, on to writing the next post, which is why I’ve been frantic all week trying to get the blog back up.

PS:  If you still haven’t noticed, the blog is now at blog.jonnoel.net – though I have http://www.jonnoel.net pointing to it.