You may or may not of heard of Google’s new “Google Apps” – which is like having Outlook, Word, and Excel all online – that came out last week. This is probably what we’ll use for document creation in the near future, though it does cost a little money (though $50/year isn’t too bad). Some of you might be contemplating on upgrading from Windows XP to Vista, and eventually to Office 2007 as well. Hopefully I could steer you to Mac OS, but regardless, here are a few great alternatives to MS Office that are FREE:

Google Docs & Spreadsheets – Google’s online version of Word and Excel
OpenOffice – full computer-based office suite featuring ODF (Open Document Format)
NeoOffice – Mac OS computer based version of OpenOfice
ThinkFree – full online office suite with their version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Zoho – full online suite with versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, email, etc.

…Hope this has enlightened you a bit – check ’em out! If you like what you’ve heard or have any other suggestions, leave a comment. =)