Wow. It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 weeks since I ran the marathon, and even weirder that I have not run since then. I’ll be changing that coming this week, though I’m not going to be training for another one anytime soon, like I said before. A 5k in the next few months, or even a 10k, to keep me sharp, would work. I’m going to get faster before I run another marathon – maybe not Boston-fast (a 3:10 vs. my 4:37)….well, maybe. That’s going to entail getting stronger, faster, leaner, more flexible, mentally tougher, and more confident in myself. I’m thinking of somewhere in the number of adding 30-40 lbs of muscle. I’ve been around 145 for a long time, and I’ve had it. I know I’ve said many times before that I’m gonna workout, like I did earlier in my training – and I chose to not do it. Some charting and progress will be in order, and I’ll be posting that – I could use some accountability. It feels like others, and maybe myself, would take myself more seriously if I was physically stronger. Regardless, it would be nice to prove to myself I can accomplish another goal if I really want it, in the meantime…..But, maybe a more important goal would be to start making an income again. I’m guessing that’s what most of you would think would be more important, and you’re probably right….