I’m sure that none of you only clean your abode in the beginning of , after you have finished your winter hibernation, so I guess “spring cleaning” can mean different things to people.  This lady took it to the next level.  Though I’m not suggesting getting rid of everything you own save your pets and clothes on your back, before rushing to the Container Store to organize your belongings,  ask yourself what things you possess do you really want or need.  I live in a 296 sq. ft. garage apartment, and over the 3+ years (technically), I’ve learned (and still learning) to let go of things.  Actually, I’ve been honing this talent/skill/feeling since I first moved into a dorm room at SMU back in ’95, when my side of the room was 4’x12′.  Some might say I’m just addicted to getting rid of stuff, like smoking crack, but not near as dangerous for my health.  I’m just going with my gut –  learning to trust feelings, figuring out what my feelings really are – using the “Force” if you will.  Hey, it worked for Luke, right?