“HONG KONG, April 24 — Toyota sold more cars and trucks around the world in the first three months of 2007 than any other manufacturer, surpassing General Motors for the first time and ending one of the longest runs of dominance in all of global industry.”

It’s easy for me to see why. Well-priced, more reliable, better gas mileage….Check out the Consumer Reports issue or online stats on cars/trucks, and see who is rated the highest. Hopefully Toyota will pick up the pace on the hybrid technology, and eventually move to an all electric car, like the Tesla Roadster. I’ve heard that the redesigned 2009 Prius with a revamped version of its Hybrid Synergy Drive might get 80mpg, but it’s not even close to Tesla’s equivalent of 135mpg. Yes, you read that correctly. 135 miles per gallon. That’s already way beyond the requirements for the Automotive X Prize, of 100mpg.