Man, it’s gorgeous outside.  It rained off and on all day yesterday, with thunderstorms sprinkled around, and a tornado watch to boot.  Then, I wake up to a bright, clear, crisp, breezy day, where you just gotta have the windows rolled down while you’re driving.  Looking up while I step outside my apartment door to take an editing break, the clouds just seem to ‘pop’, as if  looking through a polarized lens.  I first experienced (that I can recall) how different the sky can look when I went to Portland, Oregon in March of 2001 for work – it just had a totally different feel to it.  Nothing like it had I seen in Texas or anywhere else.  I don’t know how it works like that over in the Northwest US, but it does. It’s a shame that the sky isn’t clear and crisp all the time, like how it should be….If only there was a device where I could just Photoshop the sky every day.