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If you dare, check out this site for a few more pics that were taken of me at the Austin Marathon finish line. I sure wish I remembered to smile, though I was a tad tired when they were taken.  And yes, those are normal length running shorts.


The distance above is what I ran last Sunday at the Austin Marathon in 4 hours, 37 minutes, and 38 seconds, – a non-stop roller coaster 10:36 minute/mile ride on hilly Central Texas land. I had a blast, and I’m extremely grateful that my mom, Janie, Jenny, Matt, Beth, Deanna, my cousin Samantha, and all the Team In Training folk cheered me on – especially at mile 20, where I did hit a bit of a “wall” just before and after. The crowd support was fantastic, I felt, even though it was my first, with nothing else to compare it to other than what I’ve read in Runner’s World. It should have been a bit closer to 4 1/2 hours, but I made a mistake of drinking way too much fluids instead of drinking when I needed it, thus requiring a port-o-potty stop around mile 18, if I remember. I was a bit out of it afterwards – well, OK, a lot out of it. If it wasn’t so darn hilly, I think I could have had a shot at 4:15. Weather was outstanding – started at 36 and I finished at around 55 degrees, with gorgeous sun the whole time. Eh, it’s all good. I made it, and that’s what counts, right?

Thank you all for your support and wishes of good luck, a fast time, and that I wouldn’t get hurt or die out on the race! I don’t know when I’ll do my next marathon, though I know I’ll do another. My next plan is to get faster, stronger, more flexible, just sturdier in general, so that the next one will definitely be under 4 hours. I’ll put up some more pics soon, but here are a few to check out:

mile 10

Me at mile 20

Me at the finish line

Bethany Keeler!!!

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The raffle is imminent…just tying up a few loose ends before the drawing – might be tomorrow – my apologies.  At least my hill workouts are helping out.  I couldn’t believe I was doing 1/2 mile repeats of 4:15!  I ran 13 miles this past weekend at 9:38 min/mile – at a comfortable heart rate/pace. Now I know I can run this thing under 4 1/2 hours, but under 4 might be pushing it. To play devil’s advocate, White Rock lake isn’t exactly hilly, but I’ll stay positive.

I made it through 20 miles over at White Rock Lake this morning in 3:37:35, which is a little under 11 min/mile. Not shabby, I think. Add 6 miles to that, and it’s looking like I’ll still be able to make it under 5 hours if all goes well. Still worried about those pesky Austin hills, but I’m doing at least a hill sprint workout a week to prepare best I can. 20 MILES! If my knees will hold out a little longer, then all should be good. I am bit worried about them – all my body parts seem to be ok right now except for the knees – just still hard to walk, but I’m thinking some quality rest tonight will help.

3 weeks to go till the Austin Marathon – I’d love to see you all at the finish line or anywhere along the course. There’s a max of 6000 full marathoners, and after 10 miles, there will only be us crazies on the course until the end. (The 6000 half-marathoners break off the course at that point). Here’s more info on the marathon:

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This last Saturday I ran 18 miles. That’s 2 loops around White Rock Lake for those who live in the DFW area. For some reason, it took a bigger toll on me than last week, even though it was only 2 more miles. Lately my upper legs in the front connecting area by my pelvis were giving me trouble, but not this time. My knees have been darn sore since, feeling better each day after sleeping, and I expect them to be good to go when I run tomorrow. Even on Sunday, it was a little painful to bend them, putting my shoes on, etc. Maybe more stretching is in order, and more running during the week – I’ve been guilty of missing some of my runs during the week for the past month and a half, it is the possible culprit.

Anyways, I’m starting to run some hills in the Lakewood area to get more ready for the Austin Marathon course next month. If you’d like to see what the course looks like, check this out. It’s about 300 feet uphill for the first 17.5 miles.

If you think that’s nuts, some people even run 7,815 feet uphill in a race up Pike’s Peak in Colorado.

After running 16 miles this morning from my apartment to the lake, 8 miles at the lake, and back, my legs were more sore than usual. Knees too. But I made it, darnit! I surpassed my previous PR of 14 miles, set last weekend. =) And a marathon is only 10 more miles than what I ran today. Wow. I’ll be doing my long run of 20 miles 4 weeks from today, and it’s only 3 more weeks after that till marathon time!

On Saturday morning I ran the “Jogger Egg Nogger” 15k race out by White Rock Lake – and I made it without dying at the end! I was 119/152 male finishers. My time was 1:33:37 – averaging 10:03min/mile….Kept a very even pace and heart rate (183bpm, max was 206bpm) until the last mile where I picked it up. Kudos to Janie for making it just in time to see me finish in all my glory! A marathon is going to be almost 3 TIMES this amount, and right now I’m projecting somewhere around 4:40 for the marathon, not the 4 hours I’m shooting for. I’m working on it. =)

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