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I’ts about 3:40pm, Dallas time…I’m 4th out of ~130 in line at the NorthPark Apple Store. In about 2 hours time I’ll be a little richer, and able to – pay rent. Sexy, eh?

iPhone waiting


I have now made the switch to Gmail, so is off my blogroll.  Don’t get me wrong – fastmail’s email service is top notch.  Tons of flexibility and control.  Though now, I’ve got my domain back, if you’ve noticed up top.  Woohoo!   I’m really liking Gmail’s conversations arrangement of emails – much easier to follow an exchange back and forth.  And BIG kudos to for providing email as well as domain mapping to make this all possible!

Wired with a story on the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, just passed by the House.  Anyone know if insurance companies have started using genetics in their policies?

A neat site to see what people are being and choosing this moment….

You may or may not of heard of Google’s new “Google Apps” – which is like having Outlook, Word, and Excel all online – that came out last week. This is probably what we’ll use for document creation in the near future, though it does cost a little money (though $50/year isn’t too bad). Some of you might be contemplating on upgrading from Windows XP to Vista, and eventually to Office 2007 as well. Hopefully I could steer you to Mac OS, but regardless, here are a few great alternatives to MS Office that are FREE:

Google Docs & Spreadsheets – Google’s online version of Word and Excel
OpenOffice – full computer-based office suite featuring ODF (Open Document Format)
NeoOffice – Mac OS computer based version of OpenOfice
ThinkFree – full online office suite with their version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Zoho – full online suite with versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, email, etc.

…Hope this has enlightened you a bit – check ’em out! If you like what you’ve heard or have any other suggestions, leave a comment. =)


At least watch the first 10 minutes of the iPhone keynote – if you want know how to make a presentation, this is how it’s done.

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