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I’ve flown up to Seattle for a few days to visit some friends, a cousin, and enjoy some beautiful NW scenery.  It’s nice and temperate…and I’ve already gone on some great hikes.   Tomorrow it’s looking like I’ll head to Mt. Ranier with Greg  near Paradise, WA.  I’m stoked!  I know I’ve been neglecting this site – one reason is I just discovered Facebook – check out my site, if you like.  I might even have to start up a Flickr page that I’ll link to here soon.   This is quite a different town vs. Dallas – a much different vibe.  It’s still a big city, though somewhat comparable to Portland..maybe?  Anyways, I’ll have more to report once I’m back to Big D.  And being broke – no – in debt.  This has been a much-needed get-away.   Though I wish a friend of mine didn’t have to cancel his wedding, I had at least a good financial reason to go (tied up $$ that I had to use by June 13th.).  Bed time.


I was not planning on getting here this early, and I know I told Janie that I was coming early in the morning to stand in line, but I changed my mind. Right now I’m typing this outside a Barnes & Noble, which is next to the Bass Performance Hall in downtown Fort Worth. My initiation in becoming a “RENT-head” is starting. I’m definitely the first one here, and I actually was here a bit ago. Since no one was already in line, I figured I’d walk a 1/2 mile to the local 7-11 since none of the bars would have bottled Odwalla or Naked juice on hand for me to purchase. I’ll be taking some photos as I go today, where I’ll be sitting next to the Bass Hall box office until 5:30pm, when the rush tickets for RENT go on sale at $20 each, front-row. I’ve seen the movie before, though not the stage performance – I’m looking forward to tonight….or later today…uh, just later on. I wonder who I’ll meet later on, those who will be crazy enough to get here before the sun comes up just to see a play – I mean a “rock opera”.

I’m sorry I told you I was going to bed, Janie, and I was planning to. This was not my doing, really – my body just put on jeans and got in the car, and before I knew it, I was in Cowtown. I’ll be safe and sound….I’ve never seen so many cops on bikes before!

Oh, by the way…anyone have an opinion on the black background? Like or dislike? Discuss.

Update 1:55am: A cop just zipped past me on the sidewalk riding/driving a Segway. Sweet.

8:06am: I’m still the first and only one here. I walked over to a Starbucks for some chai quick-like at 6am, and have been reading since. I don’t usually take the time to read, since I feel I should be doing something more productive. I really dislike feeling guilty. Anyways, it rained a tad, so I moved under the front corner covering of the entrance-way…watching the world drive by me this way and that way.

12:22pm:  I’m still the lone ranger. Taken up residence at Barnes&Noble for the time being.  Anyone else want to come see the show for $20 up in front?

I just recently, thanks to my TNT mentor, realized that the captions were missing from the travel photos. They are now in place, so you can know where I was when I took them. Thanks Cathy!

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